Hello! I am the owner of Albany Off Leash K9 Training! I have been training dogs with OLK9 for approximately five years. It has been my pleasure to so far have worked with more than 200 different dogs, including those I have trained in weekly lessons with their owners as well as those I have trained  though our Off Leash K9 Training Board & Train program. I am comfortable handling dogs of any age, any breed and any size. I grew up getting my hands on as many animals as possible! Outside of the cats, dogs, horses and birds that my family owned, I often visited less domesticated animals such as ostriches, lynx, raccoons, monkeys and other species. I am thrilled to have a career that daily allows me to work with canines and their owners!


From a young age, Michael had an innate desire to teach. That calling led him to a career path in education. After seven years teaching high school and middle school English, though, he felt as if something was missing. Though Michael’s enthusiasm for education was still intact it lacked the passion he longed to bring to the job. So he decided to pair his love for teaching with his passion for working with dogs. He took a leap of faith and changed careers. Since completing the training program with Off Leash K9 Training in Woodbridge, Virginia, (WHEN?) he has worked with more than 200 dogs, including Yorkies to Great Danes and every breed in between. Michael has trained dogs across the entire behavioral, from happy-go-lucky puppies to dogs displaying severe human and dog aggression, separation anxiety, and resource guarding. Michael cites “the moment when a dog goes from struggling to understand a command to getting it” as one of the most rewarding aspects of his job.


Before beginning my work with Off Leash K9 Training in 2015, I worked eight years in the pet industry, including professional roles as a vet tech and a manager in a veterinarian’s office. My experience with different breeds of all types, temperaments and behaviors groomed me for a career with OLK9. I have been training with OLK9 since they opened in the Capital District in 2014! At home, I have two children and a Bull Mastiff who help me socialize, distract and work the dogs that are in training. I am thrilled with and enjoy the ongoing opportunity to work with dogs and their owners!

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