9 Month Old Lab

Our 9 month old lab Moses went to board and train with his trainer, Marlon. During the 2 week stay, Marlon was professional, respectful, and courteous. He sent several videos, pics, and gave positive constructive feedback throughout the process. Upon meeting Marlon, when he picked up Moses, we knew our big, strong and excitable boy was in the BEST hands! Marlon set the tone and conditioning so we may continue helping Moses learn in a structured way. Now we have the tools to handle 100lbs of energy, strength, and determination! Our walks are tiring him out now! He is calmer in the house, and isn’t body slamming me anymore! For our Moses , we knew we would have to continue working with him ! He is “a lot of dog”! Who needs to keep up with practice! There is a significant change in him. Marlon continues to guide me and encourage me in the training of Moses! Thank you Natalie for your professionalism and expertise. Choosing Marlon for Moses was AWESOME! Marlon and Moses are two bright lights! THANK YOU MARLON ,you are part of our family ! All the best 

2 Year Old Pitbull Mix

My husband and I sent our nearly 2 year old pitbull mix rescue to Marlon for the two-week e-collar training and it was a fantastic decision and totally worth the cost. We thought we would be able to do our training ourselves but didn’t count on our dog’s anxiety in Manhattan. She was difficult to train and very disobedient outside of our apartment, very insecure and afraid of EVERYTHING, even a swift breeze. We decided to do the training because in the weeks leading up to making the call she was fighting with nearly all the dogs in the neighborhood and sometimes refusing to go out the door for walks. Marlon really tailored her program to her anxiety level and even picked her up and dropped her off. The dog he brought back didn’t even seem like our scared, hard-to-handle dog that we remembered. He broke through her anxiety in two weeks and left us with a great base of obedience that we have been able to carry on. Marlon really exceeded our expectations and has kept in contact with us to see how our dog is progressing. We can’t say enough about how happy we are with the program.

6 Month Old Doberman

Not sure how we stumbled on a video from Michael Byrnes of OLK9 – he was training a rottie/dobbie mix puppy and we were impressed. His mannerism, gentleness, kindness, and loving ways of training – AMAZING. While we missed Zaya during the two weeks, we were very excited of the things he would teach her that we can’t and don’t have the skills to. Not once did we worry about her because instantly we knew she was in the best of hands. Almost daily Michael provided us with updates on Zaya and her progress. The last video was of her walking OFF LEASH at Home Depot – OFF LEASH!!! We are so happy having her home trained. She listens well to her commands and just looks so focused. Everyone on the street always ask how is it that she’s so well behaved. Our neighbors are amazed how well trained she is. We cannot stop raving about Michael. Our home is much more peaceful and she’s such an awesome pup thanks to you! This is the best thing we could have done for her. Anyone out there, GET MICHAEL BYRNES or OLK9 to train your pup – you will be thankful you did!!!!