NYC Obesity Epidemic in Pets

As a journalist I started writing about obesity in US citizens more than a decade ago. The topic has been in the mainstream media for at least as long so by now it’s no secret that obesity and morbid obesity adversely affect our overall health.

But it might surprise you to know that the trend has now been passed down to our pets. Findings from a survey in 2015 by The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention revealed that 53 percent of dogs in the US were overweight.

As in humans, obesity is associated with a rise in diseases in dogs and cats including diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, cancer, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, skin problems and thyroid issues.

For more information on the topic check out this story from the American Kennel Club at

If you’re really not sure whether your dog is overweight or not — and denial is almost as big an epidemic as is obesity — the AKC gives the following guideline: You should be able to feel your pooch’s ribs when you press his or her sides. However, your pet’s veterinarian can provide a much more definitive guide and information regarding weight assessment as well as safe and effective ways to help Fido slim down.

BEWARE: Crash diets can be deadly for both cats and dogs so don’t try to come up with a diet for your pet on your own. Be sure to ask a veterinarian!!

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